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Sterling India, Sterling Germany and Star Q are three sister companies with a focus on manufacturing, wholesaling, trading and distribution of leather products in the equestrian world respectively. Sterling India is the oldest among the 3 with 25+ Years of experience in manufacturing leather equestrian products such as halters, bridles, brow bands and other horse related accessories. We have an experienced production team working with us since the inception of Sterling India.

Sterling Germany was established in Germany over 10 years ago with the aim of wholesaling fine leather products across equestrian and pet accessories industry. The company focusses on selected manufacturers based out of India to procure fine leather products such as halters, bridles and other related accessories. Sterling Germany successfully procures, assorts, and distributes products in the European market.

Of products such as Bridles, Saddlery, Halters, Dog Collars, Cat Collars, Dog Leads, Reins, Rugs, Martingale, Brow Bands and many more amazing products manufactured in India and distributed to different parts in Europe. We are committed to providing services for bulk orders. Advantageously, as a wholesaler, retailer or agent, you can be free of a dire liability of maintaining the inventory. We provide distribution services, customisation on designs, inventory management, production capacity for your brand.


PRADEEP KHATTRI founded Sterling India and Sterling Germany more than 20 years and 10 years ago respectively. Initially, Sterling India was founded to manufacture and export leather belts to Germany. With rigour, intense research, product technology, Pradeep Khattri established an exponential growth strategy for Sterling India and Sterling Germany. His intense focus on retaining clients, honesty and hard work, led to Sterling India becoming a known B2B brand in many countries in Europe. Within 2 years of inception of Sterling India, the company had expanded to manufacturing Bridles, Saddlery, Halters, Reins, Dog Leads, Dog Collars, Cat Collars, Martingale, Girth, Brow Bands. On various occasions, the company was nominated for product innovations at SPOGA Business Fair in Germany.

Pradeep Khattri | Sterling India | Sterling Germany

Pradeep Khattri (1957 - 2020)

Pradeep Khattri, Cologne, Germany


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